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Choose Green. Shop Canadian. Treat Healthy.

We are working towards a circular economy!  Earth Day 2022 marks the launch of our new 100% recyclable packages.  In the past, like many manufacturers, we sourced our packaging from China.  While the cost might look attractive, moving funds outside of Canada, shipping plastic pouches across the Pacific and knowing that they will end up in a Canadian landfill, river or beach, has negative impacts on our economy, on our carbon footprint, and our environment.  We knew we needed to make a change!  We have partnered with two incredible Canadian digital printers: ePac flexible packaging in Vancouver, BC & Rootree...

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Rogan Paints Limited Edition Dog Treats

Treat Healthy and Give Back Limited Edition Packaged Painting by Rogan! Your purchase will help raise $5,000 for Alberta Herding Dog Rescue. Alberta-raised, hormone-free beef liver paired with vitamin, mineral and nutrient-rich BC Blueberries. Human-grade. Gluten free. No added salt, fat, sugar. No preservatives.  All-natural colour & flavours.   About Rogan Dog Rogan is a miniature Australian shepherd from Medicine Hat, Alberta. He started painting in 2020 when his owner, Megan Bolen, started training Rogan to paint as a dare from a friend. 10 days later, Rogan was painting away. To this day, Rogan has sold over 200 paintings with everything...

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