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Brain Function & Senior Support - Peanut Butter

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Functional dog treats that harness the power of medicinal mushrooms to support your dog’s total wellbeing, with no psychedelic effects.




A GROUND-BREAKING MYCELIUM INNOVATION FOR YOUR DOG’S TOTAL WELLBEINGAncient Grain Sorghum is inoculated with extraordinary functional mushroom strains, each with unique functional benefits; producing a mycelium root matrix, containing powerful functional and immunity compounds.



A MUSHROOM FOR YOUR DOG’S BRAIN. Contains two powerful compounds Hericenones and Erinacines known for their ability to heal and restore nervous system function, including neurodegeneration. Known for stimulating cognition, memory, and concentration. Making it especially beneficial for senior dogs and dogs with spinal injuries.


A MUSHROOM FOR YOUR DOG’S VITALITY. Known as the “Mushroom of Immortality” there are over 400 bioactive compounds in this powerhouse mushroom. Recognized for bolstering the immune system while combating anxiety, inflammation, allergies, parasites and cancer-causing free radicals. Recognized as one of the original Superfoods credited for vitality & longevity.


A MUSHROOM FOR YOUR DOG’S GUT. Traditionally used for treating ulcers, stomach pain and inflammatory bowel disease. Packed with prebiotics to support immune health and help balance gut flora and bacteria. Known as “the King of Medicinal Mushrooms” bursting with triterpenoids, antioxidants, polyphenols, vitamins and minerals to support true whole-body wellness.


Product Facts

Active Ingredients per 5 grams (2 treats)

Mycolyte™ 1200mg - Lion's Mane 40mg - Reishi 40mg - Chaga 40mg

Over 30% active ingredients

Inactive ingredients

Oat Flour, Natural Peanut Butter , Molasses, Sunflower Oil.


Products Guarantee Analysis

This package is 100% HDPE and is suitable for store drop-off and some blue bin recycling programs. Check with your local municipal recycling centre. Recycle#2.

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Brand Name: Foley's Functional Fungi
Manufacturer: Foley Dog Treat Company