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Superfoods Nuts, Seeds, Grains

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A superfoods treat collection for your active dog.

Plant powered, delicious treats packed with health-focused ingredients to promote wellbeing.

Bag Size: 380g


Key Features:

Plant powered digestive aid.

Millet & oats are a healthy source of easy to digest protein & carbohydrates.

Quinoa contains all 9 essential amino acids that help support metabolism, blood sugar levels & brain function.

Peanuts & cashews are packed with healthy fats & minerals.

Gluten free. Wheat free.



Oat flour, ground flax seeds, millet, quinoa, peanut, cashew, chia, olive oil 


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This package is 100% HDPE and is suitable for store drop-off and some blue bin recycling programs. Check with your local municipal recycling centre. Recycle#2.

Brand Name: Foley's
Manufacturer: Foley Dog Treat Company

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