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Kale & Banana

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Plant based, grain free, all-natural training treats.

All the benefits, without the meat. High in protein, fibre, vitamins & antioxidants.


Key Features:

This super food combination is high in calcium, magnesium, potassium and iron; contributing to healthy bones, heart and colon. Provides liver detoxification and fights off infections.

Perfect bite size training treat.

Gluten free. Grain free. Wheat free.



Chickpea flour, ground flax seeds, kale, banana, potato flour, cinnamon, baking powder


Products Guarantee Analysis

This package is 100% HDPE and is suitable for store drop-off and some blue bin recycling programs. Check with your local municipal recycling centre. Recycle#2.

UPC: 627843425922
Brand Name: Foley's
Manufacturer: Foley Dog Treat Company